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Pamela Steele


Pamela Steele

Pamela loves drawing pictures.  Art is one of the things she insists makes her heart sing. 

Born July 7, 1951 in Duncan Oklahoma, Pam’s family never stayed in one place very long.  The daughter of an oilfield worker, the family moved on the average of once a year covering most of west Texas until 1963 when the family moved to Las Vegas Nevada.

Not having any roots proved an asset.  Pamela had learned to read with a passion and found herself drawn to books about fantasy, science fiction, and anything about horses.  These stories fired her already vivid imagination and by the time she was 8 years old had decided to become an artist. 
The family moved to Las Vegas Nevada in 1964.  However, in 1966, the art teacher decided Pamela had no talent worthy of note and refused her entrance into the art classes in high school.  To fill her school schedule she was placed in Drama, which due to her stubborn nature she nearly failed.  The drama coach, Joan Snyder, persuaded Pamela to not only participate, but also excel in the theatre group, giving her the necessary life skills she drastically lacked in social interaction.  That was the same year Pamela sold her first oil painting.

In 1969 Pamela moved to San Diego where her 2 sons were born.  Jason in 1970 and Orion in 1972.  She began taking oil painting as serious as possible while being a new mother, and always seemed to have a wet canvas or two just out of reach of tiny hands. 

In 1973 Pamela moved back to Las Vegas and went to work in the art department of the then Las Vegas Sun newspaper.  She also freelanced for the Vegas Visitor and other local publications to help support her children.

In 1976 Pamela went to Alberta Canada to meet her new stepfather and decided to make Alberta her home.  Then in 1978 she was transferred to El Dorado Kansas where she met Maya Heath, and the two formed a life long bond.  Maya introduced Pamela to tarot reading, and it was love at first sight.  She and Maya also traveled to science fiction/fantasy art shows until 1982 when Pamela moved to Ohio.  Soon after the Wizard’s Pets began as a series of cartoon drawings inspired at first by an unfortunately unattractive newborn baby and later by her son’s antics.  Drawing on the lives around her, as in friends, neighbors, casual acquaintances and of course her sons, the whimsical drawings became an instant hit with everyone who saw them. 

As they grew in popularity, Pamela began including various Pets in her art submissions to Sci-Fi Fantasy Art Convention shows through out the US and Canada.  Never lacking in inspiration, the collection grew and attracted a devout following of fans from all walks of life.  By 1986, it became necessary to establish the first copyright for the drawings, as prints were made available.
In the winter of 1986, Pamela and her sons moved back to Canada to be near family.  It was soon after that her Mother suggested she write a children’s book featuring the Pets.  Her mother began a story, based on some of the original drawings, and Pamela spent the next few months revising the manuscript and illustrating the rest of the book.  However, making a living as a single mother and raising 2 teenage boys took precedent over art projects and she filed the drawings away.  To supplement income Pamela took a job teaching through Medicine Hat College further education department.  She taught drawing and painting from 1986-1990.

In October of 1999, Pamela and Maya were in one of their lengthy telephone conversations; when Maya suggested Pamela design her own tarot deck.  By the summer of 2000 the Steele Wizard Tarot was becoming a reality.  After many dead ends and rerouting opportunities, the tarot deck was released on July 31, 2007 and went international overnight thanks to the prepublication mailing list of excited tarot enthusiasts.  The second edition will be ready for release in 2011. 
In the summer of 2010, after Life had settled into a semblance of ordered chaos, and with her Steele Wizard Tarot deck being ready for it’s second printing, she began looking around for something creative to do.  There, tucked away in the back of her art files, was the original illustrated Wizard’s Pets’ book.  She pulled it out, dusted it off, began rewrites and revisions, and decided to approach the e-publishing industry with the new technology available. 

Today, Pamela devotes her time to working part time as a massage therapist, reading tarot, teaching tarot workshops and creating new tarot decks.