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The Wizard's Pets Tarot is modeled after the classic Rider/Waite/Smith Tarot. With an easy to use companion book, this colorful charming tarot has all the essential elements of a professional reader's deck with the freshness and charm of the Wizard's Pets. Join us on ourTarot Adventure and begin your Journey to Self-Mastery in joy and laughter. To view the entire deck please click on the Wizard's Pets Tarot link above.

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To order your copy of the Wizard's Pets Tarot set complete with 78-card poker sized cards, a color illustrated how-to companion book, and a 78-page coloring book all in a custom designed treasure box, please visit Living Magic Publishing for retail and wholesale orders

To folow the adventure with other tarot enthusiasts please join us on FaceBook at Wizard's Pets Tarot Group



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The Wizard's Pets began in 1984 as a series of drawings. They later evolved into a yet unpublished 3-book adventire series. Below is a map of the kingdom that later became the foundation for the characters in our tarot deck. Feel free to download and print this map to follow the adventures of the Wizard's Pets!.

We hope you enjoy the journey!

The Land of Heren There

Meet Edlyn Whiteoak, Sydney Brightscales, Jasper Stripetail, and Emo Rattlebush!

These beloved characters are the center of our adventure. They began as single cartoon drawings in 1984 and quickly gained in popularity at various art shows around the globe. The above links tell the historys of how they came to be the very best of friends.

The Wizard's Pets and Company star in their very own Tarot! This is a traditional 78-card deck designed for small hands and the young at heart. It includes a 78-page coloring book featuring each of the cards as well as an in-depth illustrated companion book for learning tarot all in a custom designed treasure box for safe keeping..