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Better known as

Emo Rattlebush


Emo Rattlebush

Emo was hatched in a cave beside the Mystic Sea. His nest was made of sand and stones and he shared it with 113 other eggs as gremlins have very large families.
His parents were (AH!(CLICK)-GURGLE-GURGLE-*SIGH* TICK!) and (SNORT!-^COUGH^-WHEEZE-GARGLE-GRRRR-GASP!AWWWW). Since gremlin language is impossible to write because they have no alphabet, gremlin is only spoken with sounds. No one really knows very much about gremlins as they are very gentle and shy by nature. Emo (the name eventually given him by Edlyn Whiteoak) was no exception. They go to great lengths to NOT be seen, generally hiding under just about anything. They can squeeze into places less than ΒΌ of their normal size thanks to a special kind of gremlin magic.
Emo, as all gremlins, had a tendency to 'borrow' whatever was left unattended. To a gremlin, it's not stealing as the item or object 'borrowed' is always returned in the same or better shape than when it went missing. They will leave home soon after they hatch, saying (making blowing sounds which mean) good-bye to their parents and sometimes travel great distances before finding a comfortable place to make a new nest.
In the travel department, Emo really went to extremes. After several unsuccessful attempts at nesting in a bakery, a dairy farm, a spice merchants, and a disaster at the gnome's machine factory, Emo found a lovely travel trunk filled with hats, socks, and robes. He was thrilled! He LOVED socks!
Emo crept inside the trunk while it sat in the shadow of a coach, and counted himself the luckiest gremlin in the world. Almost immediately, the trunk was lifted onto the coach and began traveling down a bumpy road. None of that mattered to Emo, he was in his glory as he promptly began nesting amidst the abundance of lovely garments. After several hours the coach stopped and the trunk was lifted down and carried 'somewhere'. Soon after, Emo heard a voice close by humming a merry tune as the trunk lid began to open. Emo panicked. He quickly burrowed to the bottom covering himself with as many layers as possible. One by one the hats, socks, and robes were taken out. Emo was freaking out. He was about to be SEEN!!! Just as the last hat was about to leave the trunk, the humming stopped. Emo clutched his hiding hat tightly, but nothing happened. Slowly Emo lifted the brim and peeked out. What he saw nearly scared him silly. Right in front of his short nose was a pair of bright blue human eyes!
Emo did what any gremlin would do...he totally freaked out. He jerked the hat back down and began to shiver in fear. What happened next changed his life forever. The voice began speaking in quiet gentle tones, carefully so not to frighten him more, the robes, socks, and hats were placed back in the trunk and the lid closed leaving just a crack for fresh air.

In the days and weeks that followed, Emo gradually relaxed and began to explore his surroundings. He soon learned he had nested with a powerful wizard who with all his wisdom, could not pronounce Emo's gremlin name properly. Eventually the wizard gave up and simply called him 'Emo' or 'my friend'. That suited Emo just fine.


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