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Edlyn Whiteoak

Master Wizard of the Wizard's Guild of Harmony

Edlyn Whitoak

Edlyn Whiteoak was born in the capital city of Harmony in the kingdom of Heren-There. His father, Edward, was a master carpenter and his mother, Beth (whose maiden name was Riversong), was a very talented healer. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Maude, when Edlyn was 4 years old, the family moved to what is now the village of Willowgard on the Mystic Sea coast. There, Edward worked as a shipwright and helped build the docks for trading ships to come from around the word. Beth cared for the children and helped in the community by becoming the local healer.
At the age of 6 years, Edlyn was discovered to have magical gifts by a traveling wizard, Beaufort Beauregard. The master wizard happened by when Edlyn was charming termites away from the lumber the shipwrights were using and apprenticed Edlyn on the spot.
Master Beauregard took young Edlyn back to Harmony to study with the Wizard Guild. When Edlyn was 8 years old, word reached Harmony of a terrible storm with giant waves that had wiped out the settlement where his family lived. Edlyn's family were among those listed as lost to the storm.
The now orphaned young wizard made a vow to become the most powerful wizard in the world and to spend his life in service to those in need.
Edlyn studied herb lore, weather magic, charm-speak, sympathetic magic and earth magic to name a few. As he grew to be a man, Edlyn never forgot his lost family or his vow.
Over the years, Edlyn mastered every form of magic. He quickly surpassed even his teachers at the craft. He traveled to far away places, teaching and learning, helping those in need and always honored the memory of his lost family.

After decades of magical service, Edlyn found a place filled with such gentle power he promptly purchased the castle and surrounding lands. He named his new home 'Whiteoak' and settled in to spend his golden years and continue his studies and work in solitary service to those less fortunate.


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